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Hi! Thanks for visiting our site. We're Emily and Amy, the Grown-Up Goodie Goods. We started this blog mainly as a creative outlet to share our perspective on living our best lives as single 30-something year olds, who love Jesus.

We're both based in Jacksonville, Florida and have been close friends for most of our lives. We met in church and were both raised in strong Christian families. We hope you find some inspiration and encouragement from our blog as we will try to be as authentic as possible as we share our hearts and struggles with you.

Meet Emily

Is it just me, or is writing a bio about yourself super difficult? Here goes nothing!

Extroverted introvert, dog mom, wannabe foodie, baker, shoe lover, documentary enthusiast, night owl, social media addict, barre babe, follower of Christ, traveler, creatively driven, sarcastic, RBF sufferer, procrastinator and always full of surprises.

I'm currently in the midst of a major life change after losing my job ten months ago. I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future and wholly trusting this on a daily basis is my greatest hope.

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Meet Amy

I could try to make myself sound really put together in this section, but the reality is usually I'm just a hot mess jumble of the following:

Jesus follower, fitness instructor, basketball coach, speaker, teacher, writer, friend, daughter, traveler, actor, shopper, sports fan, movie buff, storyteller, incessantly late person with the most over the top facial expressions.  I mean seriously, I surprise myself sometimes :D.

Joy is a goal of mine each morning when I wake up. When thankfulness is on my mind, a happy heart bubbles to the top easy, when the struggle is real I try to fake it with copious amount of coffee... just keeping it real! <3


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About Us
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We're Emily and Amy, the Grown-Up Goodie Goods. We're based in Jacksonville, FL and hope you enjoy our lifestyle blog as we share our thoughts about life, leisure and love.


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