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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Grown-up Goodie Goods is a blog celebrating the fact that God walks each of us down a different path in life, but in those differences He teaches many of the same lessons. Every story is unique, but the connection we can draw through lessons learned binds us together. Refinement, deepened connection, growth, all of these occur in wildly creative ways because we serve a wildly creative God. What a delight to learn, laugh, challenge and deepen alongside one another.

So here we are! Welcome to our blog. We call ourselves the Grown-Up Goodie Goods because that's what we are. The kids that listened to our parents, obeyed the rules (for the most part) and wound up here. Life is great, but man - it looks completely different than either of us were expecting! Isn't it funny how there is this unspoken expectation for what your result will be when you follow the rules? Em and I were thinking that sticking to all of those "church rules" would produce the life every young girl dreams about at some point. You know the dream: grow up, meet an amazing man when you're right out of college, dream wedding, loving home, eventually producing 2.5 kids and the cutest little refurbished house on the block. The details of the dream may be slightly adjusted for each person, but you KNOW the dream. We've all at least thought about it at some point. The desired result is really just a vision of a drama free life with no glaring issues, in a word, comfort. Yet God never really called anyone in the Bible to live a life of outright comfort. Actually, most of the stories in the Bible that I really learn from are the stories that involve Him busting up someone's life of comfort for something, dare I say it, better. I don't know about you, but given the choice between average or better,I'd choose better every time.

So the dreams of two 14 year old girls didn't quite turn out. That's ok...

It's actually way better than ok...and it's the reason we decided to write about it.

We may not be the norm in the church hallways, but there is no stopping us now. Two unmarried 30-somethings figuring it out as we go. Spunky, committed and living life on the edge of comfort. I'll stop short of calling us trailblazers because honestly, my deepest prayer is that God goes before us every step of the way.

Jobs, friends, single life, dating life, passions, hopes and a continued close pursuit of wherever God guides. Sound like something you'd like to follow along with? Just one click

to follow!

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We're Emily and Amy, the Grown-Up Goodie Goods. We're based in Jacksonville, FL and hope you enjoy our lifestyle blog as we share our thoughts about life, leisure and love.


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